The Roof Crop is a design focused, urban agriculture initiative that values and promotes sustainability, ecology, and community engagement.

TRC was conceived as a project to market farmable green roof systems in 2013 and we have since grown into a green roof growing media, landscape, and urban farm company with deep ties to the communities in which we work. We grow flowers, produce, grains, and natural dyes in any farmable growing media on roofs and on-grade.

From residences and office buildings, TRC offers services that connect people to more sustainable practices. Suitable for amenity decks, private residences, and large-scale developments, TRC maintenance plans and partnerships provide a more robust experience than traditional contracts.

Our greatest sources of inspiration come from developing thoughtful products that are good for people and good for the environment.


winter wonders

With our rooftops shut down for the season, we’re beginning to develop our indoor growing programming. The first winter blooms are on their way. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on availability. 


At The Roof Crop, we build and maintain green roofs and productive landscapes. With 15 rooftop farms across the Chicago area, as well as our new greenhouses, we harvest an eclectic selection of fresh and sustainable crops all year round.