The Roof Crop, a leader in urban farming solutions, is thrilled to have collaborated on two exciting green roof projects with leading architecture studio GREC Architects: The Ace Hotel Chicago rooftop garden and EMME Apartments gardens. Both farms are grown in the proprietary green roof system developed by Omni Ecosystems. EMME and its more than 8,000 square feet of gardens were featured recently in Crain’s.

These farms are standout examples of GREC’s agri-hood philosophy, where communities are planned around a farm, offering access to unblemished landscapes, locally grown food, and homes built to environmentally friendly standards. These projects represent GREC’s commitment to advancing sustainable and energy-efficient design principles, both through responsible development and the promotion of sustainable practices among building users.

This season’s Umami Detox Tea is just one of the dried-good products developed from the nutrient dense produce harvested from The Roof Crop roofs.
You can find teas, soaps, bath salts, herbals scents, and more in The Roof Crop farm-stand.

We’re excited to continue our collaborations in the new year. Up next?
A GREC Architects-designed amenities deck featuring a 7,000-square-foot Roof Crop farm open to the public!