Hello TRC friends, fans, and family!

The 2019 season is right around the corner. We’ve been dreaming about the warm sun on a breezy spring day and the addition of 12 hives this year! Our goal is 20 hives by 2020 and we are working as hard as our little bee buddies to make that happen. We’ve been fortunate to bring on fellow bee-lovers in LOT 40 RYE WHISKY, LEVENFELD PEARLSTEIN LEGAL, JADE & JO AND BEAM-SUNTORY as hive sponsors. Five of the hives are being installed on Lend Lease’s newest residential building, The Cooper! Look for updates on how all the colonies are doing throughout the season.

Chicago bees collectively pollinate the plants, trees and flowers in our parks, gardens, and urban farms, as well as producing local honey that improves the health and well-being of thousands of Chicago residents. Bees increase the bio-diversity of Chicago’s urban environment. This makes the entire urban ecosystem stronger and more resilient to pollution and environmental changes.

If you’re interested in our honey, attending a honey harvest or holding an event at TRC HQ give us a shout.


March 05, 2019 — Tracy Boychuk

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