Interested in an exciting opportunity in rooftop farming? Omni and The Roof Crop are hiring! Read the descriptions below and submit all application materials to Jessica Bourque at info@omni-ecosystems.


Omni and TRC seek conscientious and efficient candidates for the positions of Farm Operations Manager and Lead Farmer. The Farm Operations Manager will work closely with The Roof Crop – an affiliate company of Omni Ecosystems – to create a smooth flow of product from field to market and ensure the quality our clients expect from us. The Lead Farmer will also will work closely with The Roof Crop to build and maintain Omni Green Roofs with the express intent of for‐profit farming by The Roof Crop.

The Farm Ops Manager and the Lead Farmer will answer both to the CEO of Omni and the COO of The Roof Crop. The two positions will work closely with each other as well as the Farm Operations Coordinator.

For complete job descriptions, please follow the links below.


Farm Operations Manager

Lead Farmer

January 08, 2018 — Hannah Perron


Kasey Eaves said:

If you ever have a location towards the North side and are in need of a subcontractor to grow that property, I’m happy to throw my name in the ring. My little crew is dedicated to edibles and I think would be a fantastic fit for your needs without the extra hiring worries.

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