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Urban farmers looking for rooftops to garden

By Alexa Helms, FOX 32 News Reporter | May 26, 2015


 A team of Chicago entrepreneurs is hoping to grow their new urban farming business by making participation easy for building owners.

The founders of The Roof Crop are leasing locations that are over 5,000 square feet. The Roof Crop staff plants and harvests the food on the roof, and the roof owner makes money.

The Roof Crop doesn't use soil to farm. They use a lightweight media which mimics a soil ecosystem, making growing a small orchard in just 8 inches of soil on a rooftop possible.

"We will be growing a variety of apples figs and peaches all on our roof," said Kerem Sengun of The Roof Crop.

Not only can rooftop owners make money, but they might also save some money on their electric bills and help the environment.

"For the top several floors, it has a heating and cooling effect, so it has energy savings potential. For the city, it provides benefits in providing storm water retention," Sengun said.



May 26, 2015 — Tracy Boychuk

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